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Broadway lights lowered to appreciate a legendary actress passing

Broadway lowered the lights for actress Marian Seldes, a Tony-Award winning actress; a teacher of Kevin Kline and Robin Williams; a muse to playwright Edward Albee and above..

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Happy Socks and Snoop Dog are building a partnership

You read correctly, a sock company that creates men and women sock wear and a famous rapper are currently together working on creative business ideas. The mixture between..


Fashion for men at stand still while fashion for women moves forward

For quite some time men and women models have walked the runway showing fashions making appearance for the coming year. An interesting trend taking place within the US..

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Sports and music fans can connect thanks to Katy Perry

It would seem the rumors are correct as Katy Perry is going to have the spectators swaying in the aisles during the 2014 super bowl halftime. One would..