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Oh heyy Summer, you came fast (that’s what she said). What happened to Spring showers and those glorious comfortable 60 degree days? Instead global warming slapped us in the face and was like “SURPRISE! Thought that brutal winter meant a cool summer? No no no…its about to be hot as balls”. For all of you ladies working out to get in shape for the summer, your time is up. Thought you had another month? Psych! Think again. I may not be able to help you get Beyonce’s booty or Jada Pinkett Smith’s abs, but I sure can assist you in finding the best swimsuits for this Summer season. Here are my top 10 bathing suit choices (in no particular order) that you should dress your sexy selves in:


10) For all of you West coast girls out there, this is the suit for you (or anybody who likes Tupac, so everyone, am I right?). Dimepiece killed it with this one. The floral print mixed with the Tupac graphic surely makes its name “Gangster Chic” appropriate. The crop top cut and peek-a-boo slits on the brief style bottom makes this bathing suit fun and flirty! Tops and bottoms are sold separately y’all so hop on it quick here.



^Top: $69, Bottom: $69


9) This 80’s baby swimsuit is calling my name. Royal blue is such a beautifully rich color that looks stunning on any skin tone. It is a Nasty Gal special that features an old school cut accentuating the hips just at the right spot. These bottoms are necessary for those of you trying to smooth out your curves and the shape of this top gets me especially excited because it’s friendly for the busty ladies like me. I won’t look like a porn star because my cleavage isn’t punching you in the face, but it still offers some sex appeal in the back with the sleek V lines. Come and get it ladies right here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.46.10 AM

^Top: $60, Bottom: $50


8) Now this is where it gets hard; Minimale Animale is by far my favorite swimwear brand. They have so many edgy and intricate pieces. Unfortunately I am not made of money and this bottom alone is $150 bills so I have yet to purchase one of their masterpieces. They became well known a couple years back from their mesh one-piece with the palm trees covering the nipples and haven’t stopped making statement pieces since. If it were up to me, this entire article would be strictly Minimale Animale suits. but I’ll spare you all by adding some variety. This specific suit speaks to me because black and gold is my all time fav color combo. I love gooooooold (Goldmember voice). And the deep angle of this cut out brief is seriously sexy. I personally would pair the bottom with this firebird mesh tank to be even more loud and obnoxious. Empty your pockets right here, right now.


^Top: $175, Bottom: $150


7) This next swimsuit is a little easier on the bank account. I also did y’all a favor by scrolling through the 54 pages of ASOS’ bathing suits and choosing their best ones (it was mighty overwhelming). This cross wrap halter bikini by ASOS comes at the top of my list and is available in a variety of colors, but I am particularly drawn to this shade of pebble blue. It is a great option for those a part of the big titty committee since it comes all the way up to a size 14 and has a self tie fastening so you can make it as tight or loose as necessary. The entire suit together costs less than $65, not a bad deal if you ask me. Snag it here.


^Top: $29, Bottom: $22


6) For those of you hip hop hotties who like to keep it a bit more casual at the beach, you can get your Aaliyah on in this This is a Love Song logo bikini. This was originally just a bralet, but it was so popular that they transformed it into a bathingsuit too. This Is A Love Song is well known for their “Coconut” and “Melons” bikinis that came out last season and this new number is sure to be another hit. Make sure to peep it here.


^Bikini Set: $95


5) Lee + Lani is a brand that has some insanely provocative but gorgeous swimsuits. The detail in each and every garment is remarkable and because of its complexity it is going to cost you a pretty penny. This seashell bustier top is $175, but quite honestly worth it. It may not save your life if you are drowning, but you will look so damn good that every person on the beach will be trying to rescue you. It is almost a shame to wear something so elaborate on the sand and in the water. This peplum cutout bottom doesn’t leave much to the imagination, so this is definitely a suit to wear with a butt load of confidence (and a bikini wax). Drool over it in more detail here.


^Top: $175, Bottom: $140


4) To me, there isn’t anything much sexier than wearing nude. And the old school Bay Watch structure of this one-piece certainly creates its own waves. Nasty Gal’s Alina swimsuit has a deep scoop neckline and a low armpit with just the right amount of side boob action. It practically creates the illusion that you are at a nude beach. Look sexy and simple in this nude one piece that can easily be worn as a daily bodysuit too. Cop it here people.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.24.19 AM

^One-piece: $78


3) For a modest, affordable, and classy swimsuit I’m truly feeling this one piece by River Island. The symmetrical leaf print is sophisticated when accompanied by the bandeau neckline. The small peek-a-boo side cut outs add an extra touch and the back opens up to be strappy which makes it much less mom-like. For only $51 dollars, you can’t mess up with this one piece that you can wear to the pool with your little cousins, but also feel like a hot tamale in front of your man. Do it to it right here.

image1xxl copy

^One-Piece: $51


2) I am super obsessed with this fringed triangle bikini by ASOS because I want to prance around in it and pretend that I am a Native American princess. I want everybody at the beach calling me Pocahontas. We’ve all seen the fringe bikini top before, but the fringed bottom takes the fun to a whole new level. This suit is uber affordable so I actually just snagged it for myself; you can catch me soon enough soaking up the sun in this beautiful ombre halter-neck at a beach near you. Follow my lead here. (P.S. Isn’t it refreshing that this blonde beauty actually has some meat on her and doesn’t look hungry as hell? LOVE IT!).


^Top: $33, Bottom: $25


1) I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of wetsuit material, and metallic, and racerback tops for that matter. So this suit is an all around win in my book. Go catch a gnarly wave and be the dopest surfer at the beach in this NLP bathing suit. Its lazer cut edges leave it seamless and smooth for you to be as slick as the water. Available in boys and girls colors (blue & pink, dur). Now go stunt on those boys! You don’t need no unflattering wetsuit to ride the waves like a pro! Thanks NLP! Find it here!!!


^Top: $100, Bottom: $60


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