Bad Boy Reunion Concert: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Posted by - Mark Elibert

The weekend that hip hop fans have been waiting for finally arrived in Brooklyn this past weekend as Puff Daddy and The Family shut down the Barclays Arena two nights in a row with the Bad Boy reunion tour. The first night of the tour was incredible as not only the billed artists performed but Brooklyn was treated to several special guests including Nas, Rick Ross, Jay Z and more. While it looked seemingly impossible to raise the bar any higher than they did Friday night, Puff and the fam turned it up an extra notch for the second show.

The buzz around the arena was at a fever pitch as nearly everyone in attendance were anxiously waiting for the show to begin. Puff started the show an hour after it was supposed to begin but the Bad Boy family more than made up for it. The night was filled with nostalgia as all the hits from the golden era of Bad Boy had the Barclays Arena jumping. Puffy, Ma$e, Faith Evans, Total, Lil’ Kim, Carl Thomas and 112 all performed their hits but nothing was more satisfying than the surprises that were in store for Brooklyn Saturday night.

The first surprise of the night came from Busta Rhymes as he joined Puffy and performed his electric verse off “Victory”. The Lox, who wasn’t even on the bill for the second night, came out to a raucous crowd and performed several of their hits. DMX, accompanied by Swizz Beatz, absolutely destroyed the stage with his trademark energy and shouted Biggie as one of his inspirations in the middle of his set. Lil’ Kim decided to keep it strictly Brooklyn for her set and brought out Brooklyn natives Desiigner and Fabolous to light the stage up even more. Mary J. Blige, who also wasn’t on the bill for the night, came out and had the entire arena singing in unison to her hits.

The biggest surprise of the night however came from someone no one had in mind at all. Shyne, in front of an ancient pyramid in Belize, appeared on a large screen on stage via satellite and the crowd went absolutely nuts. He performed his hit “Bad Boyz” with Puff as the hype man and the Barclays was in full turn up mode. It was a moment you had to be there to experience and it was one of, if not the best highlight of the night.

As the concert came to a close, the entire Bad Boy family came on stage to rock out to several of Biggie’s hits. What was at first a reunion concert turned into one big birthday party for the late Notorious B.I.G. Balloons and confetti fell all around the Barclays and the Bad Boy family along with the audience took it all in as the Barclays felt like the 1990s all over again. If you missed out this weekend don’t worry as the Bad Boy family is set to take the reunion show on tour later this year. Check out some footage below courtesy of Revolt TV!

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